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Fear Avoidance (What you Resist, Persists…) by Chris Shorter

Evening folks! Hope you’re all keeping warm in the snow! I’ve got a real winter warmer for today’s #Advent blog series: a guest blog from my colleague at North Light Physio, the multi-talented Christopher Shorter.  He’s done a great piece about what we in the #pain management business refer to as “Fear-Avoidance”! Check out Chris’s […]

Posterior Ankle Impingement

Afternoon! Here’s the latest #Advent instalment in our series. A daily evidence-based info-hit from the North Light world of physical health, wellbeing & performance! This is a day late-you know, like when you forget to open your calendar on one day, so you get 2 the following day? (Another instalment to uploaded earlier this afternoon!!) […]

Physiotherapist or Sports Rehabilitator: Where to go?

With the advent of Sports Rehabilitation as an Undergraduate Degree, and Sports Rehabilitators appearing in the marketplace, I’m often asked what the difference is, and whether someone should seek the services of a Physiotherapist or Sports Rehabilitator for a musculoskeletal condition. So today, I hope I can debunk the mystery! What is a Physiotherapist? The […]

Liversidge commits future to NL Physio & Sports Performance

May 22, 2017

Established in 2010 by Practice Principal Chris Liversidge, North Light Physiotherapy has grown from offering 3 evenings and Saturday morning sessions, to being open 6 days per week, with 5 staff working within the different facets of the service. During this time, Chris’s career has adapted, from being a full-time NHS employee, to working part-time […]

5 Keys to Healthy Knees-use our expertise!

May 17, 2017

Having specialised in the rehabilitation of lower limb injuries, and particulary knee injuries, for many years now, I have observed 5 key objectives to achieve quickly to optimise knee function. This is irrespective of whether the rehab is post- injury, or post-operative. With these 5 goals in place, the knee will quicly function more normally. 1. Reduce swelling. […]

White Rose Ultra: Fuelling your epic adventure

October 3, 2016

For this month’s installment in our series helping runners prep for the White Rose Ultra Marathon, Sarah Walker, our S&C coach at the North Light Strength and Rehab Centre, has come up with a fantastic blog to help your nutritional preparation! White Rose Ultra 2016 NUTRITION – FUELLING YOUR EPIC ADVENTURE **GOLDEN RULE: Never try […]

White Rose Ultra-Marathon: Physio management of common problems.

September 7, 2016

Welcome to the second in our series of blogs from the performance team at the North Light Strength and Rehabilitation Centre, for Team OA, aimed at preparing competitors for the White Rose Ultra Marathon. At this stage, with 2 months to go, the countdown is definitely on for runners to address any ongoing niggles- however […]

Partnership with Team OA Events

August 12, 2016

North Light Physiotherapy and The North Light STAR (Strength and Rehabilitation) service are pleased to announce our partnership with TeamOA Events. Team “Organic Adventure” organise running events nationally, but are based in Huddersfield, the home of the North Light Physiotherapy/STAR clinic. This exciting affiliation will see the North Light STAR service have a presence at […]

VMO and the Patella

October 29, 2015

I read with fascination, the post of Erik Meira, defining the role of VMO on PFP. In response I thought I’d provide the *final* word on this: bear with me…… goes: Not everybody even has one.   The end.

A snapshot of Bill Knowles

October 17, 2015

Thanks to Nick London, the team at Yorkshire Knee Clinic, and Wayne Morton for an excellent conference on major knee injuries in sport. Inevitably, the focus was on ACL injuries with overviews on anatomy, and injury mechanisms. However the standout contribution to the day was from internationally reknowned reconditioning expert Bill Knowles. From the outset, his […]