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Partnership with Team OA Events

North Light Physiotherapy and The North Light STAR (Strength and Rehabilitation) service are pleased to announce our partnership with TeamOA Events.

Team “Organic Adventure” organise running events nationally, but are based in Huddersfield, the home of the North Light Physiotherapy/STAR clinic.

This exciting affiliation will see the North Light STAR service have a presence at many of the TeamOA events- initially these will be the West Yorkshire based events, providing post-race support to entrants.  However, the more significant service provision will see participants able to access an extensive array of pre-race preparation services to improve performance, and for the injured athlete, Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, as follows (click links for more information):

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Training plans for running events, triathlon, duathlon, cycling sportives.
  • VO2 Max testing.
  • Nutrition planning- this is on a sporting needs basis and reflects requirements based on height, weight and training volume, and can also accomodate long-term health conditions, e.g.diabetes.

For the athlete carrying niggles/injuries, or those unable to participate at present due to muskuloskeletal pain, our Physiotherapy practive has a combined 50+ years of experience to assist you back to training. This includes:

  • Sports injury management.
  • Runner’s clinic, incorporating a short run with your Physio, followed by an individual assessment.
  • Treadmill video gait analysis with individual cueing advice, and individualised rehabilitation work based on findings.

Whatever your needs or goals, our service has the expertise to give you the platform to achieve!

For mor information, follow the links above, or click below:

North Light Physiotherapy

North Light STAR Gym




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