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Sports Massage

Sports Massage alleviates the cumulative effects of stress and strain within the body’s tissues.  These stresses can occur because of:

  • prolonged or high intensity exercise
  • the body compensating after an injury
  • a gradual, long term build up of stresses due to postural strain or even emotional stress

Sports Massage is not only indicated for high level sports people or regular athletes; this deep-tissue treatment is also suitable for anyone with a physically demanding job, or those with ongoing physical or emotional strain.

There are three major ways in which Sports Massage can be effective:


Some sports put strain on specific muscle groups (eg. running, cycling, climbing etc.)  A regular programme of Sports Massage can concentrate on those particular muscle groups, maintaining tone and flexibility, and improving range of motion.

Pre- and Post-Event

Before an event, Sports Massage compliments an athlete’s warm up programme by reducing muscle tension and increasing circulation; this helps maximise performance, and reduces your injury risk.

Post-event, Sports Massage eases feelings of stiffness and reduces metabolic build up; this speeds up the body’s recovery process.


Many of the soft tissue techniques used in Sports Massage compliment the work of your Physiotherapist. Together these two approaches are highly effective rehabilitation tools.  Your Physiotherapist may recommend Sports Massage as part of your treatment programme, following an acute accident, chronic injury recovery, or other types of physical trauma.

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